Electria suomeksi

Battery Testing at Electria

Electria is testing batteries for suitability in the HealthSens wearable sensors. Choosing a battery for this device is particularly difficult because of aesthetic and technical requirements; the device must lie flat and be invisible under the user’s clothing, but the high dynamic range of the sensor current draw demands a specific kind of battery. Traditional battery form factors were deemed unusable for such a small device. Electria ordered three lithium polymer (Li-PO) batteries from different manufacturers in China and is testing them for suitability. The thin, flexible foil pack form factor is ideal for the HealthSens device and even a small battery can theoretically power the HealthSens sensor for up to 100 hours, but small batteries have difficulty dealing with the range of current demand.


Lithium polymer foil-pack battery with coin for scale

Testing the ability of these batteries to cope with this dynamic range requires specialized tools. A current shunt monitor amplifier, colloquially known amongst Electria engineers as ‘Dmitri’s Tester’ is being used to simplify the process. Currently, Electria’s engineers are researching an FPGA-based system to automate battery tests.

‘Dmitri’s Battery Gadget’ with coin for scale

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