Electria suomeksi

Head of Unit to Speak at Open Innovations Conference, Moscow

Sami Kalliokoski, the Director of Metropolia University of Applied Science’s R&D unit Electria, will speak at the Open Innovations conference in Moscow. He and professors from other Finnish higher education institutions will speak in a session entitled “New Business from Knowledge and Research,” where they will discuss the creation of innovation and new business from knowledge gained through research and education and how this new business contributes to the economy. Of particular interest are how to utilize opportunities for knowledge-based business and the formation of cross-border partnerships to foster innovation through research and development.

He shares the speakers list with many distinguished persons such as the Prime Ministers of Finland, Russia, and France; the Mayor of Mexico City; and representatives from the R&D units of private companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Shell Global.

Mr. Kalliokoski has a Masters in Cognitive Technologies from Aalto University and has cofounded many technology start-ups including IDSens, Agaidi, and LeiaMedia. His specialty is the commercialization of research results.