Electria suomeksi

SunEdu Project

SunEdu’s pilot project is underway at the Kigonzile primary school in Iringa, Tanzania. Students and teachers are testing the electronic learning environment devices developed by Electria and partner organizations. User research was conducted in the same school earlier in 2013. Ten families will receive the set of devices which includes an e-reader developed using LeiaMedia’s ePaper technology, a solar charger developed by Suntrica, and user diaries. Two months after the start of the pilot test, students and their families will be interviewed about their experiences with the devices. The inclusion of users in product and service development from the early phases of the project and systematic gathering of feedback will result in the most usable and suitable final product.

The SunEdu away-team includes project manager Emma-Sofie Kukkonen and technical expert Charles Wasswa. Industrial designer Thomas Wahl will join them in Tanzania in December for the last weeks of pilot testing.

SunEdu includes Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as well as Finnish business partners and Tumaini University in Iringa, Tanzania. The project is centered on the development of an electronic learning environment for use in rural areas, disaster relief or refugee camps, and other situations in which electricity and up-to-date educational content is unavailable.

For more information about the SunEdu Project, contact:
Project Manager Emma-Sofie Kukkonen