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Gesture Controller


Gesture Controller project studies the commercialization potential of a novel concept for controlling the home environment and its appliances with simple adaptive gestures. The concept is suitable for everyone needing help with smooth management of one’s home environment. With the help of the concept people with even the most difficult disabilities are able to easier interact with their surroundings. The concept also meets the needs of the aging population by providing new means to cope with decreasing motoric abilities and thus enabling them to live longer at home.

The Gesture Controller concept is a platform consisting of a control device, back-end system and additional receivers. The platform adds a new layer on top of the existing systems enabling better interaction with the installed base. The controller is mobile; it can be easily and discreetly carried around everywhere one goes. The design of the controller is elegant and discreet e.g. a bracelet, wrist watch or jewelry.

The objective of the project is to prepare commercialization of the concept to start a new company or business.


Project was launched in September 2014. First PoC installations will be done in 2H/2015 and the project ends at the end of 2015. The service will be commercially available during 2016 if everything goes well.

Funding and partners:  The project is funded from Tekes TUTL instrument

Publications:  n/a

Contact details:

Pekka Paalasmaa
+358 40 6412236
pekka.paalasmaa (at) metropolia.fi

Antti Laurikainen
+358 50 5844867
antti.laurikainen (at) metropolia.fi