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EduDigi project aims to find answers to the question how game technology could be applied in teaching and learning, and what kind of applications and solutions could be created for that by utilizing the open and joint innovation potential in urban communities.

This 2-year EAKR funded EduDigi project started in August 2016. The aim of the project is to create an Innovation Platform, consisting of three separate entities in Helsinki, Vantaa and Oulu, on which the actual testing and development of learning and education game solutions is carried out, in cooperation with citizens, game startups and the participating UASes and organisations. Testing and applying these new technologies into the education and teaching activities is arranged in cooperation with the schools, secondary schools and upper secondary schools in Helsinki, Vantaa and Oulu.

Digitalization and bringing new solutions to teaching and learning activities, utilizing open data and encouraging people to life-long learning are in the core of the project while new models of concept development for game startups and methods encouraging citizens to openly participate in the development of novel services, are concepted in the project.


Project Manager Heikki Santti

Mob: +358 40 194 7355

E-mail: firstname.lastname(├Ąt)metropolia.fi