Electria suomeksi

Broadcast: Information Distribution Platform

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences research unit Electria completed a groundbreaking research project that developed an information distribution platform for global markets utilizing broadcast network. The 1-year project was launched in March 2011.

Cooperation between Finnish higher education and research institutions, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University, and leading research institution National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (NERC-DTV) was announced in Shanghai Expo Finnish Pavilion in 14 October 2010. The objective of the cooperation was to develop a new, cost-effective digital media platform and service concept to address the information distribution challenges of wide geographical areas and highly dispersed populations. Target audiences included populations both in urban areas and countryside of China and in developing markets on a global scale. The cooperation utilized the recognized DigiTV technology expertise of the Shanghai-based Chinese partner who is in a key position in the specification and development of future digital TV technologies in China.

Broadcast Project e-newspaper

The joint vision is based on an ultra-low cost information service platform that was created by leveraging the existing DigiTV broadcast technology and networks as distribution channels, and by developing completely new category energy efficient low cost e-paper based display devices.

This enabled a very cost-effective solution for distributing a variety of commercial and public services information including news, official information, educational materials, advertisements, emergency communication, and other content in a geographically challenging environment. The project proved the concept in Finland and China and began the development of commercialization for global markets together with the Chinese partner.

For more information about the Broadcast Project, contact:

Project Manager Antti Laurikainen, antti.laurikainen(ät)metropolia.fi

Research Manager Sampo Nurmentaus, sampo.nurmetaus(ät)metropolia.fi