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EduRobot project

Virtuoso robot hand is Electria’s opening into soft robotics area. The traditional industrial robots will be challenged by the soft robots, whose advantages are affordability, safety, efficient use of space, and user-oriented aesthetics.


The winner design of EduRobot design competition


Virtuoso robot hand is build with soft materials and use low-cost sensors and actuators. Intelligent control algorithms allow the robot hand move smoothly, precisely and safely.

Virtuoso robotic arm is ideally suited for teaching programming. As being a new kind of learning tool, it makes programming learning more attractive.

Virtuoso robot hand is suitable for both basic and higher education teaching.

Human’s assistant for the service and welfare sectors

Electria believes that the greatest potential for use of a robot hand open up service and welfare sectors, as the traditional heavy industrial robotics poorly suited for homes and properties. The robot hand can act as an intelligent tool for people with a physical disability or help in elderly people daily activites (cleaning, laundy etc.).

In EduRobot project combines diverse expertise from automation technology, occupational therapy, industrial design, mechanical engineering and software development.

EduRobot prototype doing exercise

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