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Healthy Building

Healthy Building is a 24-month project launched in November 2014 and funded by Tekes (Smart city/New Digital Value Creation), Helsinki Metropolia UAS and research partners, University of Helsinki, Aalto, and several company partners (Vahanen Yhtiöt, Pipe-Modul Oy, Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy, Elemenco Oy, Vantaa city/ Tilapalvelut).

The project developes means to ensure the health of a building during its whole life cycle. This project combines the latest knowledge of the microbiology of buildings, structural physics, construction technology, energy smart buildings, information and communication technology, and sensors which enables us to gradually move towards a cloud based data system. This helps to identify and solve moisture and indoor air problems quicker and eliminate massive needs for reconstruction/renovation during the long life cycle of the building.

In this type of data model the needs of the users and owners are emphasized and their key role in the endeavor for a healthy building are recognized. The latest globally collected knowhow leads to better design, testing and commercialization of oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors. The goal is to develop a new digital model for value creation that leads with sustainable user-centered steps towards knowledge based solutions. Each step may create new business for each participating company and in the future for the whole construction and real estate business. This type of competence and business in needed in the smart cities of the Metropolitan areas.

Project Manager at Metropolia UAS
Seppo Vanhatalo

Mob. +358 40 673 6291

Email: seppo.vanhatalo(ät)metropolia.fi