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LCDA – Life Cycle Data Acquisition

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences research unit Electria completed a research project concentrating on streamlining the life cycle management of electronic-, machine- and metallic product industry. The 2-year project was launched in March 2011.

The focus of the Life Cycle Data Acquisition project was to examine and develop methods to increase the information collected about products during their life cycle and improve the information flow between different stakeholders. The project focused on processes during a product’s use-phase and its end of life. The objective was to find new ways to utilize identification information attached to individual products and collect information about actions and occurrences during the product’s life cycle– for example: maintenance, conditions, operating hours, and recycling information. The project developed a method to make the collected information available in every phase of the life cycle, in order to ensure a much better visibility and traceability.

The results guarantee significant savings and have the potential to improve efficiency in manufacturing, logistics, condition monitoring, repair, and recycling processes. Use cases: possibility to unload the life cycle information at the recycling phase to receive information for authorities, quality control and R&D feedback, life cycle information utilization during the use phase to optimize maintenance and real-time life cycle information monitoring.

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For more information or to obtain a copy of the project report, contact:

Project Manager Antti Laurikainen