Electria suomeksi


Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and its Electria R&D unit completed the 18-month Mold Sensor project in February 2014. The project was funded by TEKES.

The aim of the MoldSensor project was to develop a rapid point-of-care test kit for measuring mycotoxins in indoor air more accurately than those qualitative methods used today. The measuring method is based on antibodies and antigens; it has good mold specific features.

The new mold test kit fits between the currently used time- and labor-intensive laboratory tests and inaccurate visual- and odor-based test methods on site. The new test kit allows continuous monitoring making it suitable for constant control of mold, especially in public buildings.

MoldSensor is a joint project combining the know-how of Laboratory Sciences and Construction Engineering in Metropolia.

For more information about this project, contact:

Project Manager Seppo Vanhatalo
tel. +358 40 673 6291