Electria suomeksi

RFID/EPC in Technical Trade

Advancing an open RFID system in which several early majority players in a value network could participate. Enabling the decision making for the companies based on proper understanding of investments, benefits, payback time, and jointly agreed roadmap.

Diffusion of RFID/EPC technology as an open system for all the players in the technical trade value network. This is a spearhead RFID/EPC project in the area of trade in Finland in general.

Benefits for the companies in technical trade value network:
Increased operational efficiency in the value network and new ways to operate. Better transparency in the logistics will bring for example smaller warehouses, reduced bull whip effect, traceability, less out of stock situations, lower costs while handling the goods, less waste, quicker deliveries and increased sales opportunities.

Benefits for RFID technology and solution providers:
Testing phase has some subcontracted work for the integrators. Broader business opportunity will follow when the companies in the value network of technical trade take the technology in use after this project.

Form a coalition of companies related to technical trade, define the investment and benefits in the value network, perform empirical testing, validate the models, create a joint roadmap.

LVI Dahl, Onninen, Uponor, Vallox, Cupori, Halton, Pipelife, Rautakesko, Rettig Värme, Itella, Oras, Orthex, Fläkt Woods, Kaukora, Tikkurila, Ensto

GS1 Finland, Vantaa Innovation Institute, TEKES

GS1 Finland (18,6 pm), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences  (15,6 pm), Aalto University (13,3 pm), Vilant Systems Oy (integrator subcontractor)

5/2010 – 10/2011 : PHASE 1 Prestudy (5/2010 – 11/2010). PHASE 2 Testing (12/2010 – 5/2011).  PHASE 3 Final report (6/2011 – 10/2011).
Total: 1,5 years