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Sun2People project aims at using the solar powered learning environment developed in the previous SunEdu projet for a larger target group in rural settings.

The previous SunEdu project developed a learning environment that uses solar energy and in Sun2People project this is applied to a larger target group. The project enables digital content to be shared to small villages, where logistically it would be impossible to have school books and newspapers. This is a one-year Tekes funded project.


Besides a solar energy empowered learning environment, this concept creates an opportunity to share the content to the whole family in the form of news, health information, farming training etc. The end users that were interviewed were able to, for the first time, read a newspaper at home on the device. Also school books are often out of date and there is only one copy to be shared between 10 pupils. There is a real need for a developed and economical content distributor for the African conditions.

The focus in Sun2People project was to gather new data on the end users and other users, especially content providers. This was done with a quantitative research where the target group is not only the end users but also the channel and the content partners. At the same time interview based research was done among potential customers.

Further information

Project Manager Sampo Nurmentaus

Mob. +358 40 776 9772

Email: firstname.lastname(├Ąt)metropolia.fi