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X-ray analyzing, repair and testing services


X-ray analyzing for electronic devices and other products inner structures, such as solder joints, bonding wires, circuit boards structure and mechanics. X-ray analysis is not limited only to electronic devices but can also be used for many other products. With sub-micron focus we can see details to size 200 nm.

X-ray analysis cost 180 € /h (VAT 0%)

Repair service for demanding and complex pcb’s. We can replace BGA, CSP, LTCC etc. components with repair station and reball expensive BGAs.

Repair service cost:

Hand soldering and rework 60 € /h (VAT 0%)

Repair with rework station 100 €/h (VAT 0%)

Environmental testing helps to accelerate the aging process of the product to predict its lifecycle and to analyse the failure mechanism. Electria’s temperature and humidity chamber specifications are:

Temperature range -70…+185°C

∆T 5°C/min

Humidity 0…100%RHH

Chamber capacity 350 l




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Technology Manager
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